Our Story

Cooking up an uncommon dining experience all starts with common ingredients. We each started working on our recipes for success back in high school, and we beat on towards perfecting them with each and every day. We started early, and we know how much of a difference that made for us, so opening a unique breakfast and lunch café was our way of going back to our roots. Though you may be crawling out of bed, we hope that you’ll soon be running into Janie’s for the best breakfast in town!

I wish that I could have breakfast at Janie's every day. The new location is beautiful and the food is always good. Potato hash keeps us coming back.

Steak & Eggs

There’s no combination quite like it, we hear it all the time! Some of you may know us as the former owners of the Depot Square Steakhouse in Derry, NH. Owning and operating both the Depot Square and Janie’s Cafe was a lifelong dream, but it turned out having our steak and eggs on separate plates just wasn’t for us. As co-owners of Janie’s Uncommon Café, we know that a good combination makes all the difference.